Priority Website Maintenance

Introducing options to keep your website shiny and new:
Very Important Priority Website Maintenance Plans

Make sure your website is up to date and competitive by subscribing to a VIP website maintenance plan.  Each month you will receive a new allotment of hours that can be used anyway you want.

So, what can you do with a maintenance plan?

1) VIP Response for All Requests -
Maintenance plan members receive priority service to escalate urgent issues and requests.  Your request is scheduled ahead of other requests and often resolved in less than 24 hours.

2) Request Web Page Changes -
Have an announcement or a new product? Get it done quickly as a maintenance plan member. New photos, staff updates, company updates, corrections, and new page requests are done for you.

3) Add a New Feature or Service -
Want to add a Blog, or a Photo Gallery, a member’s only section, social media widget, or start a company Newsletter? Go for it! As a maintenance plan member, it is covered.

4) Keep On-Top of Search Engine Results -
Maintenance plan members can ask for Search Engine Optimization services conducted regularly on their behalf to increase visibility.

5) Keep Your Business Profile Current -
Your customers use the web everyday to find what they want: Reviews, Local Business Pages, Maps, Google +, and Facebook Pages are just a few sites that should have current business information.

6) Enhance Your Social Media Visibility -
Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, and others are excellent ways to make sure people don’t forget why they should do business with you. Maintenance members can elect to have regular social media updates.

7) Discounted Design & Development Rates -
When you need more than what your maintenance plan provides, receive 10% off the regular hourly rate.

8) Get Stuff Done!Stop waiting and start making your website better.

WHY should you care so much about your website? Because...

  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local info (Google, 2013).
  • Roughly 80% of Americans use the Internet and about 53% of Americans use (ReachLocal, 8/2012)(Internet World Stats, 6/2012).
  • 91% of consumers use search engines to find information on the web (ReachLocal, 8/2012).
  • Since 2005, Social Media had a 712% increase in growth (ReachLocal, 8/2012).
  • 55% of consumers using mobile to research want to purchase within the hour (Google Think Insights, 11/2013).
  • 57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. 40% of consumers will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. (Compuware, 2012).

Becoming a VIP Website Maintenance Plan Member will save you time and money while helping your website generate leads to get a return on your investment!

4-Hour VIP Website Maintenance Plan

  • 4 priority hours
  • Free CMS patches - does not count against your hours
  • 10% off current hourly rate after 4 hours
  • Unused hours rollover to the next month
  • A customized maintenance plan tailored to meet your needs

2-Hour VIP Website Maintenance Plan

  • 2 priority hours
  • Free CMS patches - does not count against your hours
  • 10% off current hourly rate after 2 hours
  • Unused hours rollover to the next month
  • A customized maintenance plan tailored to meet your needs

Plans are billed monthly with a discounted biannual payment plan.


Plan Definitions and Notes:

  • Plans can be paid monthly or biannually and consist of a one-year agreement.
  • Payment is due at the beginning of each month or each biannual period.
  • All requests will be replied to by the next business day with an estimate of how much time it will take and when work will begin and end.  Urgent requests and emergencies are addressed immediately.
  • Plans are custom tailored to your website needs.  You decide what’s needed.
  • When your needs change, your maintenance plan can change.
    For example, you can elect to use some of your hours for Social Media updates and then decide to request a new feature. Some services like Search Engine Optimization and Social Media may need a 2 week transition period because they require some preparation beginning.
  • Maintenance plans do not cover new websites, website redesigns, major layout changes, or major development.  If a change request cannot be completed within the number of hours provided by your plan, a design/development estimate will be offered at your discounted rate.
  • Unused hours can rollover each month up to six months. At the beginning of a new 6 month period, unused hours are forfeited or used to offset the cost of a major request that is not covered by the maintenance plan.
    For example, if you sign up for the Level One plan, you can accumulate up to 24 hours of unused time.
  • Major version updates are not covered by the Free CMS updates.  Only minor revisions, bug fixes, and security patches are automatically updated and your CMS must be up to date and running the most recent major version to be eligible for this benefit during your plan period.
    Customers using older Content Management Systems must get their CMS upgraded to the most recent major version. There are discounted rates available to get your CMS up to date.
  • Plans can be cancelled anytime. Please see the maintenance plan agreement for more information.



As a Maine Webworks / Team Up Development Services customer, you are a VIP! And, your website deserves the same VIP attention by becoming part of a website maintenance plan.  A quick search on will reveal that a small to medium sized business should budget $300 to $500 monthly for website maintenance. Luckily, you can do better than that and save money!

BONUS Introductory Offer:
Earn FREE Content Management System (CMS) Updates!

For a limited time, Priority Website Maintenance Plan Members automatically receive updates whenever there is a security or bug fix released for their CMS, Blog, and Ecommerce system.  Does not count against your hours! Updates also include add-ons/extensions that are installed. Go here for more information about the plan.

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