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Category: Website Tips

Three things your site should not have. The first and second items will help with your search engine efforts. The third will help prevent spam.

Category: Website Tips

The new Internet Explorer 8 is being tested by web developers. This is Microsoft's soon to be released browser promising new interactive features and better support for web design and development. Every web designer knows that with each new Internet Explorer release, there is additional work to be done.

Category: Website Tips

Use keyobard shortcuts to become more efficient and reduce harmful repetiive wrist movements while using a mouse.  There are many shortcuts and the more often you use them, the easier it is to learn more.  Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that are useful for everyday web and Internet use.

Category: Website Tips

Spammers are out to get you any way they can. The most important rule related to Email and the Internet is NEVER use your 'real' email address when signing, buying, joining, ordering, and registering. You need to use a valid Email address, but you don't have to put your email into harm's way.

Have you ever wondered why you are getting spam? Spam, is technically called, "Unsolicited Commercial Email," or, UCE. Spam sounds better. How do you get it? -> By using your real Email address on the Internet. There are several techniques spammers utilize to gather email addresses on the web.

Category: Website Tips

It is known that the number of 'incoming' links pointing to your website is one way to improve search engine rankings and popularity. Yet, many website owners do not know how to obtain a reciprocal link, or the steps involved with reciprocal linking.

This article will set out to explore reciprocal linking and the steps needed to establish reciprocal links.

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