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Protect your Email Address when registering a domain name

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There are several techniques spammers utilize to gather email addresses on the web. One technique is searching the public Whois domain name database. Each domain name has a public record showing who owns the domain, including the owner's email address. Here's an example of Whois data:

To protect your email address, you could buy extra protection services offered by today's top domain sellers. Or, use a disposable Email address.

Disposable Email addresses are email addresses that hide your 'real' email address. Here is how it works:

Sign up for a disposable email address. You will be asked to provide your real email address during the process.

When you sign-up for something on the web, use the disposable email address provided to you instead of your real email. The message will then be forwarded to your real email address without the original party knowing your real address.

You need to see it in action to understand. So, here is a disposable email address:

Spammers are welcome! Spambots will find this address and then send me lots of yummy spam.

When I start receiving spam or I simply no longer need the address, I delete the account. Bye bye spam! And, my real account is safe and has not been exposed.

Spammotel has the best system for mamaging disposable emails. You have an account that you can log into and manage your disposable email accounts, set filters, pause, and delete. And, they have a desktop tool that allows you to create an email on the fly. Look for another article comparing the popular disposable email services available.

For now, here are two: and disposable email services available.

Now review your domain's Whois information and replace your real email addresses with disposable email addresses and start eliminating spam.

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