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Submitting your site to a reciprocal link directory

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Reciprocal Linking is when you add a link on your site that points to a site that has a link pointing to your site. You are basically pointing each other out in a crowd. Site A has a link to site B. Site B has a link to site A.

There are three initial stages to reciprocal linking:

  • 1. Research
  • 2. Submit
  • 3. Reciprocate

Another stage not fully discussed in this article is "Review." Review the reciprocal link for weeks, months, and years to track the results. You also want to verify that the link is pointing back to your website and remains intact.

1. Research

Researching is simply finding suitable link directories, or websites to post your link. There are many directories available, and most of them allow link submissions. Sometimes called, "suggest a site."

A suitable directory or website is one that offers categories that are similar to your specific industry, product, or service. A suitable website might be a competitor located on the opposite side of the country. Or a website offering a similar product or service in your related industry.

Avoid "Link Farms." A Link Farms is web site that consist solely of links. In other words, there is no content about them, what they do, and how they do it. It is just links to other web sites. Link Farms are frowned upon because they do not provide any relative content to search engines.

2. Submit

Most web sites offering reciprocal linking have an online form to complete and send to them. The form will usually ask for your name, website, email address, and a brief description of your website.

After submitting the form you will need to post the link information provided to you. You may receive the link code before or after you submit your listing.

3. Reciprocate

Decide which page of your website to add the reciprocal link code. The home page or one page away form the home page is usually required. Once you have determined where to place the link, add it as soon as possible because many reciprocal link directories will not make you link active on their site until they confirm that you have added their link first.

The easiest way to post the link code into your site is using some basic HTML software.

Using FTP and Notepad.exe:
Open your website using FTP software and navigate to the directory containing the page of which you want to add the link code.
Open the page using Notepad.exe (form the 'Start' key, choose run, and type notepad.exe).
Find in the HTML where you want the link to appear and paste the code provided by the link directory.
Save your work and upload the edited file to your web server.

Be sure to check the site that is supposed to add a link to your website. You may need to wait a few days before it appears. If you do not see it, send an email to the site owners notifying them that your reciprocal link is online and where it is located on your website.

Add a reciprocal link to Maine Webworks for practice. Send an email if you need help!

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