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3 Things Your Website Should Avoid

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1. Not Enough Text

Go to your home page and press ctrl a (command a for Mac) then ctrl c (command c for Mac). This selects everything on the page and copies it to your computer's memory. Next, open notepad or an equivalent text only editor in Mac (in Windows, go to the start key and type 'notepad' into the Run box). While notepad is open, press ctrl v to paste everything you've just copied from your home page. How much text was copied into notepad? Does the text contain your page's message?

Problem: Search engines can not read images and catalog text to determine a site's worth. If your site is not performing well in search engines this could be a reason why.

2. Hidden Text

Search engines want you to be honest and have methods to detect your honesty. Cloaked text is found in the HTML source code meant to artificially create content while not being directly visible to visitors.

Problem: This practice will help your site get penalized by search engines. Read what Google has to say about it here: Hidden text and links.

3. Unsecured Email Addresses

Email addresses included on website pages generate spam. There are destructive spam bots which search for email addresses. They collect and distribute the addresses to spammers. Email addresses are generated using special HTML tags and spam bots look for these tags. Unless your email address is properly cloaked, you are exposing yourself to threats.

Problem: Spam. Worst case scenario is when the email contains harmful attachments or images with malicious code to compromise the security of your computer.

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