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Prepare Your Website for Internet Explorer 8

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The new Internet Explorer 8 is being tested by web developers. This is Microsoft's soon to be released browser promising new interactive features and better support for web design and development. Every web designer knows that with each new Internet Explorer release, there is additional work to be done.

The reason why is because each Internet Explorer version displays websites differently. Unless the website is coded to be cross browser compatible. THe better web developers follow a set of web code standards to build web sites. Until the recent version 7 release, Microsoft did a very poor job of supporting the HTML coding standards.

You might have heard about alternatative browsers like Netscape, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. These browser follow web standards and have been made popular by web designers because of this. Since Internet Explorer does not support web standards fully, web developers must create alternate sets of rules for them. This in itself is not a problem. The problem is that something that corrects an Internet Explorer 6 error may not correct an Internet Explorer 7 error. And there may be many of these errors and solutions for each version of Internet Explorer still being used.

Creating and testing these multiple solutions is important to make sure a website looks and functions the same in all web browsers, regardless of their faults. Therefore, with a new Internet Explorer release on the horizon, website owners should contact their web developers to learn if their site looks right, and if not what steps can be done to fix any problems.

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