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Keyboard Shorcuts for Everyday Use

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Keyboard shortcuts for everyday use.

The first set of shorcuts are used very often during website building, maintenance, and Blogging. They are the Cut, Copy, Paste trio.

  • Cut = Ctrl X (deletes and stores the selected item on the clipboard)
  • Copy = Ctrl C
  • Paste = Ctrl V

Select all of the text on the screen using Ctrl A; and save your work using Ctrl S. 

While copying and pasting text, you may be moving between applications. To make the move quicker and with less motion, tab through applications using Alt +Tab.

To see your new changes while modifying your website, refresh your web browser using Ctrl and R.  To open a web address into a new tab in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and other browsers with tab support, use Alt Enter.

Another important shortcut is Ctrl F.  Use this to find text on any page quickly.  If you are using FireFox web browser, just start typing in the page being viewed.  Firefox allows searching for text without any special dialog box or keyboard shortcut.

There are several shortcuts available.  The above is a good list ot get started.

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