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there's a serious security flaw in Internet Explorer that is making headlines on all major news circuits:

Internet Explorer has always been a security problem for Window based computers, but it is interesting that this security flaw is making headlines. The general public is getting more comfortable with alternative browsers and less happy with the Microsoft brand. I'll list options to Internet Explorer below.

There are many of us that wouldn't use Internet Explorer if your life depended on it; you can pass this on to your friends and family. For those of you who will not stop using Internet Explorer, you may get lucky and not get infected. And maybe paying for expensive repairs or new equipment is not a problem.

Here is the security bulletin link on Microsoft's website:

List of Alternative browsers:
updated 12/17/08 - corrected link to Google Chrome browser.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Category: Recent News

Maine Webworks has been busy! The year 2008 flew by fast and furious and I'm learning to paddle upstream rather well. I've connected with talented MAINE designers and developers to expand the reach of Maine Webworks. More great things coming!

Join me on my new Twitter profile at - I plan to expand this as a portal to get quick web site tips and news.

Category: Recent News

Maine Webworks has a new 'Get Satisfaction' account. Get Satisfaction is an online people powered customer service tool. Although not in great demand at the moment for Maine Webworks... perhaps in the future... Visit the Maine Webworks Get Satisfaction page at, People-Powered Customer Service for Maine Webworks.

Category: Recent News

Maine Webworks is participating in the Pink For October to support Breast Cancer Awareness. To learn more, visit

Additional links to learn more about Breast Cancer:

Go Pink For October

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An article originally posted 9-8-05

Almost every page I visit on the Internet has unprotected email addresses. It is very important to learn how to protect your email addresses from spam bots.

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